MediaTek Helio G80: Is it Better than Snapdragon 712?

MediaTek Helio G80 was one of the gaming chipsets launched in 2020 and this smartphone chipset has already been a part of some good smartphones. While one of them has already been launched, a few of them are nearing their launch and I think the chipset is really good for the smartphone owners.

Being a part of Realme Narzo 10, the smartphone chipset has offered really good gaming performance and I think Helio G80 has a long way to go. However, do you think this smartphone chipset is better than Snapdragon 712 in terms of its specs and overall performance? Here is a brief comparison between these chipsets that you ought to know:

CPU Specs:

As far as the CPU is concerned, MediaTek Helio G80 and Snapdragon 712 appear almost similar in performance and their overall CPU clock speed is also same. Both have an octa-core structure and if you look at the CPU, while Helio G80 has a clock speed of 2 x 2GHz & 6 x 1.8GHz, Snapdragon 712 has a clock speed reaching 2 x 2.3 & 6 x 1.7GHz, and while it may appear than the Snapdragon chipset is at a lead, if you see the overall clock speed of the chipsets, these are exactly the same.

GPU Specs:

In terms of GPU, Helio G80 chipset takes a huge lead and this is probably due to the 1 year later launch of the chipset. MediaTek Helio G80 contains Mali-G52 MP2 GPU which is clocked at 950MHz and the GPU clock speed is the major center of attraction here. Against this, Snapdragon 712 has Adreno 616 GPU and the GPU clock speed in it is limited 550MHz. So you can expect MediaTek Helio G80 to deliver better graphics performance and speed than the Snapdragon chipset.

Memory Specs:

Again, these chipsets are almost similar in terms of their memory. They have LPDDR4X as their memory type and the max memory support is 8GB in both of them. However, the memory frequency in Snapdragon 712 is a little bit higher. It is clocked at 1866MHz against the 1800Mhz of MediaTek Helio G80 processor.

So if you look at both these chipsets, you would not find any significant differences. However, it is important to note than MediaTek Helio G80 processor has MediaTek HyperEngine gaming support which is absent in Snapdragon 712 and the Snapdragon 712 chipset does not have any kind of gaming enhancement in it.

So I would hereby say that MediaTek Helio G80 has a slight advantage over Snapdragon 712 chipset and yet another advantage is the cost. because MediaTek Helio G80 chipset would make the smartphone cheaper with a little bit more power, there are chances that people would favor the Mediatek chipset more than Snapdragon.

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